Interior Talk {2} Sleep well…

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Or if you're just reading this post, welcome to my post. Today's interior talk will be about bedrooms, everyone got one, everyone needs one. But the biggest thing is that the most people want a clean, nice, and an on point room. Just like me... And that's where this... Continue Reading →

OOTD [18] Summery stripes

Hello and welcome to my blog post. This is another OOTD that I made myself. This is a fast pic because I hadn't had enough time to make a good photo, but it is what it is. This OOTD is one of my favorite OOTD's. Because it's made out of my favorite new jeans and my... Continue Reading →

OOTD [17] I ain’t Ordinary!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I haven't posted in over 10 days. But that's because I am really busy with my final exams. But besides that here is another OOTD and I hope you will enjoy it! This is another OOTD that I made myself. I thought it was cool when I wear... Continue Reading →

OOTD [16] Some outfit…

Hello everyone, I am back with another OOTD. Now I will try to make an OOTD's of my own outfits. Now I have my new photo equipment I can make really good pics. So I am going, to begin with, the post. Enjoy 😊. This OOTD is an OOTD with one of my favorite clothing article.... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone who is reading my posts. I am on Pinterest as you saw in the title of this post of course. But yeah now I've got like 1.2 á 1.3 K followers on Pinterest and If you like to see what I like in clothes and in Interior and all the stuff go check... Continue Reading →

OOTD [14] Something different..?

Hey everyone, and I'm back with another OOTD for you. Make sure to leave a comment and check out the rest of my blog. And this is one of my own again. In the featured image you can't really see how the Outfit was supposed to look, because there was a long black shirt underneath the... Continue Reading →

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