OOTD [15] Long time no see…?🥀

Hey everyone who is reading this post. I haven't really posted in a long time. But that's because I had to take my final exam... And I can tell you that I've graduated with all B's So I am super happy about that. Now I can put more energy on my blog. Besides, I have... Continue Reading →


Interior Talk {2} Sleep well…

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Or if you're just reading this post, welcome to my post. Today's interior talk will be about bedrooms, everyone got one, everyone needs one. But the biggest thing is that the most people want a clean, nice, and an on point room. Just like me... And that's where this... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone who is reading my posts. I am on Pinterest as you saw in the title of this post of course. But yeah now I've got like 1.2 á 1.3 K followers on Pinterest and If you like to see what I like in clothes and in Interior and all the stuff go check... Continue Reading →

Why Sneakers…? (1)

Some things are just for fun, and others are a passion of ours, but some things are just an obsession. Like sneakers, I love to buy new sneakers of shoes. But not every week or every day. Some people just can't resist and jus buy another pair of the same sneakers with another color on the... Continue Reading →

OOTD [11] Zebras in Town?

This OOTD is an again a simple one. But I still like it, it's a black and white kinda look. A little sweet and a little over the edge. The black jeans are just normal, a little ripped makes it a little over the tougher. But he combines it just fine with a White or Black,... Continue Reading →

OOTD [10] From Myself!

Hey, everyone, I'm back with another OOTD. And this is a special one because this is one of my own. I actually the first one was one of my own too, but I don't care ;)). Today I chose a little classy and rough look. I didn't want to go simple so I chose a checkered... Continue Reading →

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