Interior Talk {2} Sleep well…

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Or if you’re just reading this post, welcome to my post. Today’s interior talk will be about bedrooms, everyone got one, everyone needs one. But the biggest thing is that¬†the most people want a clean, nice, and an on point room. Just like me… And that’s where this blog post will be about. I’m going to tell you what I get from certain rooms, for men and women, and how to DIY them.¬†If you want a full explanation about interior talk to go check out¬†”Interior talk {1} going to work?”. Here

Let’s start.


The clean fancy one;¬†This is a very elegant room most of the time as a Master bedroom. This type of room is not really for teens or adolescence. ¬†I think this clean look is very cool and nice but not for myself just for a picture. Because if I had or wanted this kind of room I would have wanted it to be perfect at all time so no messy things or even things that will disturb me like a book that doesn’t fit in the color pallet.

If you would like a Room like this, you will need classic furniture and accessory for your room. And if I had a room like this I would put everything perfectly into place at all time.


The open and wide attic; This attic looks great and light. Maybe a little to light but I think this room is amazing. because of the wide windows, and wood details. I really like how they used the wood in the buttresses. But what I also think is that is a little to light. I mean how are you going to sleep at night with all that white flying into your eyes.

The fresh Color palette;¬†This is another fresh white interior, I think I like light interiors… but besides that this interior has again a color palette the white, gray and violet/pink colors match great. And if you’re¬†a guy just replace the violet/pink with light green, because that color is also totally in.

Next to the bedroom is a picture that shows you how you can DIY this room. Just with some basic stuff that you can get at your nearby interior store.


The nature color palette;¬†I really like this Interior because the color pallet is totally different from normal palettes. The green and gray make a perfect combination with the brown tints. What I also really like, is that they brought back the green in the pictures in the frames.¬†This design is also really easy to DIY all those objects are just basic furniture. But it’s all about how you drop your furniture.¬†So what I recommend is that you should look on Pinterest or the IKEA website to see what you think is the best wat to make your room/house your home.

The decoration; And what I prefer in my room is a good decoration, like a good looking¬†desk with nice photos and good looking penholders and everything else you leave on your desk. What I also really like are some plants to give your room that extra touch of mother nature. It’s also easy to DIY this because it’s just decoration, everyone can easily¬†buy some little decoration to make your room/house warm and lovely.

Thanks for reading (if you did), and I hoped you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll visit again. And also make sure to read the previous¬†Interior Talk¬†right¬†Here.

The details are not just the details, they make the design.



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