OOTD [18] Summery stripes

Hello and welcome to my blog post. This is another OOTD that I made myself. This is a fast pic because I hadn’t had enough time to make a good photo, but it is what it is.

This OOTD is one of my favorite OOTD’s. Because it’s made out of my favorite new jeans and my long striped t-shirt. At first, I wanted to wear my denim jacket but this outfit was for a high tea so I didn’t want to get all sweat up. That’s why I went with a colorful pink vest. The reason I think these jeans are so great is because they fit great and they are not too dark they’re actually real light, it’s a real summery jeans. And because I am tall like 6.4 feet tall (1.95 meters) so long clothes fit me quite good. And at least the sneakers. I thought my Adidas boosts were great with the look because the color of the little button on the side of my shoe was almost the same as my vest.

Thanks for reading again. And I hope you will come and visit again!

I wish that every time I ”liked” an outfit on Instagram it would magically appear in my closet.

Clothes are from:

  • Long t-shirt: Jack and Jones
  • Jeans: Jack and Jones
  • Vest: Newyorker
  • Shoes: Adidas Boosts
  • Bracelets: Jucardi and Primark



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