OOTD [14] Something different..?

Hey everyone, and I’m back with another OOTD for you. Make sure to leave a comment and check out the rest of my blog. And this is one of my own again. In the featured image you can’t really see how the Outfit was supposed to look, because there was a long black shirt underneath the red stripped shirt. That’s why there is another pic at the bottom of this post.

I made this look because I saw it at the jack and jones store, some dude wore this in the store but then with a white long t-shirt and a blue and pink shirt. And then when I looked in my wardrobe I saw my black long t-shirt and my red and black shirt. And then I tried it on and it looked great. So it’s basically something I saw in the jack and jones store in Utrecht and then I used my own clothes to make it my own little outfit.

In this pic, I am not wearing any shoes. But normally I would wear my Adidas black tubular with the outfit. And I am wearing my Lucardi light blue mixed gray bracelet.

Clothes are from:

  • Long T-Shirt: The Sting.
  • Shirt: Primark.
  • Jeans: Jack and Jones.
  • Bracelet: Lucardi.
  • Sneakers: Adidas.


Life isn’t perfect but your clothes can be.



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