OOTD [13] Green is not only for the Army

Helly, and welcome to my blog again. Today’s OOTD is classy with a little extra touch. As the accessories, like the bag. So a usual I am going to write some things I like about this outfit and some things I don’t like, and if there isn’t anything I don’t like I ant gonna write about that. So I hope you’ll like this post. Literally…

This outfit is a little classy. The green blouse is really cool, and perfectly with the dark blue jeans with coiled pipes. The green long coat has some real class. It fits great with the blouse. But if you want a coat that fits with everything go for a more clean color. But that’s all to yourself ;)). The bag makes again a great combination of the blouse and the coat.

What I think is that the outfit is a little too matchy. Like some people think that they can wear like white martins with yellow socks and an open blouse with yellow. And then I’m about to say, girl…. do you have eyes and a mirror or are you blind. No just kidding everyone had got to wear what the hell they want.

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Shortest horror story ever; SOLD OUT



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