OOTD [12] Shopping is ”addictive”

Hey and hello, and welcome to my blog. If you don’t know about my blog go check out my home page ;)). But let’s head straight to the point this is another OOTD. This is again one of my own. I went shopping this week and I bought a whole lot of new clothes, that I want to show you. Just like this OOTD. The Featured Image is not the OOTD the pic is below under the post.

In this OOTD I combined light and dark in a really nice combination. A light ripped jeans with coiled pipes. It makes the jeans a little more skinny at the pipes. Overall the jeans fit a little looser. But that’s no problem. Then I choose a black t-shirt with the text; Fuck and below 3 check boxes. One with me, one with you and one with off. so if you say it together; Fuck you – Fuck me – Fuck off. with a long black vest with emblems. I choose for the white Adidas stan smiths. they fit really well with the white letters of the t-shirt.


Clothes are from;

  • T-Shirt: NewYorker
  • Vest: NeyYorker
  • Jeans: Jack and Jones
  • Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith’s
  • Belt: Diesel

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~Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping~  -Bo Derek



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