Why Sneakers…? (1)

Some things are just for fun, and others are a passion of ours, but some things are just an obsession. Like sneakers, I love to buy new sneakers of shoes. But not every week or every day. Some people just can’t resist and jus buy another pair of the same sneakers with another color on the back of your shoe. I can’t understand but if they want to I’m OK with that. Here are some sneakers you could but if you want some new ones or you just like reading about sneakers. ;))

I’ll review some of the shoes I have myself and just shoes I really like and want to buy but can’t because I’m broke as fudge. Just kidding ;)) Let’s begin;

First; The Adidas Tubular Black Nova. These sneakers are cool and classy. They are so badass but sweet. Really clean but also very rough. If you like some classy but still want to wear those with everything just buy these. They can go with everything because they are black and clean. I really love how they combine the happy socks with the sneakers this makes me just so happy ;)).

And I thought why not, let’s talk about The Adidas Tubular X primeknit. Because I Have these sneakers of my own. They are so comfortable and cool. They look cool and tough. Everyone in my surroundings loves them.

Vans Old skool high army Green

Second; The Old skool Vans, They always are cool and never past, they are clean and just cool. These shoes go with everything, that’s also because you could get them in almost every color so if you’re a fan of Vans you definitely have more than one pair. And you can combine them with everything. But not as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Don’t think you’re matching Yellow and Red. because in what parallel universe you’d like to live it’s never a combination ;).

Adidas Stan Smith suede

Next; The suede Stan Smith’s;  The Stan Smith’s are just classy, they are cool and simple. But they were a little cliché because most people got them. Just like the Adidas Superstars. That’s why I choose for the suede Stan Smith’s because I rarely see them, but they are still very classy and good looking. They are a little different than the rest of the Stan Smith’s, but still very good looking.

Adidas boost

And we are almost done; The Adidas Boost NMD: I got these sneakers for myself and they are so freaking comfortable. They just feel like slippers. They are not tight at all, and they are so fashionable. These Shoes were inspired by the past but made by the look of the future. And they just look amazing and sweet.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Made by: VSO HB1 fighting for fashion

And last but not least, my own baby’s Arkk Raven S-E15 Mesh White Spray-M: These shoes are just so cool, I bought them last week and they are so comfortable and good looking. They are not like other sneakers, they are different, special they look different so that’s why I like them. Because I really like to stand out to the rest of the people. And sometimes you can do that by wearing different looking sneakers.

Thanks for reading again, (and if ya don’t then you probably not going to read this). But still, thank you.

Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today



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