OOTD [11] Zebras in Town?

This OOTD is an again a simple one. But I still like it, it’s a black and white kinda look. A little sweet and a little over the edge.

The black jeans are just normal, a little ripped makes it a little over the tougher. But he combines it just fine with a White or Black, with Black or White stripes. And a cute little heart with eyes, It makes the t-shirt a little sweet and a little less black and white. The shoes are a real different color than the rest of the outfit. They’re cool because not everything has to match perfectly, only the colors have to match. ”Like you can wear yellow shoes, but not with a Bordeaux red sweatshirt, that’s just not right.” 

And as last but not least, the accessories, a black apple/smart watch. This watch can go with every possible outfit because it’s so clean and Black.

Thanks for reading again, and be nice to me and leave a comment. I would love to hear from everyone.

Simple is the new black.



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