OOTD [10] From Myself!

Hey, everyone, I’m back with another OOTD. And this is a special one because this is one of my own. I actually the first one was one of my own too, but I don’t care ;)).

Today I chose a little classy and rough look. I didn’t want to go simple so I chose a checkered blouse, with the colors dark red, dark blue, white, and a little bit of dark yellow/orange. With a dark green bomber jacket over it. The dark green fits great with the blouse.

And because of the darker shades, I chose dark gray jeans, a little ripped. And because I didn’t want do go all black, I chose medium gray Boost sneakers, with white soles and a small red decoration button on the sides. And as the Finishing touch, I chose one of my new bracelets. The shade is a combination of gray and blue so it works really well with every outfit.

Clothes are from;                                                                                                                    Blouse: Primark_Men.                                                                                                          Bomber jacket: Primark_Men.                                                                                               Jeans: Jack and Jones.                                                                                                       Sneakers: Adidas-Boost.                                                                                                    Bracelet: Lucardi_jewlery.

Thanks for reading again I will do more OOTD and posts of myself. I really like if ou leaves a comment or something.

Each day is a page in your fashion story.



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