OOTD [9] It could be so Simple d;

Hello everyone and I’m back today with another OOTD. This OOTD is not just an OOTD it is a very special one… No just kidding. This OOTD is just simple as fudge. And that’s what makes this OOTD special. You can’t always be as fashionable as you’d wish to be. No, I’ll tell you, simply is just fine.

This OOTD is just fine, you could easily do it yourself. Just a simple t-shirt but if you’re a little between completely white and a little tinted, try to avoid wearing white. Because maybe you ‘re just like me and when you were white you look like a ghost. But straight to the point, this gray t-shirt with the little heart on it is just cute. With simply ripped jeans can you combine every shoe with it. I prefer sneakers just like this Outfit the simple old school vans.  Just the coolest.

You could always combine jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings with every outfit. Most of the time it will make your outfit a little more over the edge and rough.

Thanks for reading again. (if you have read the entire post), and hope you’ll read my other blog posts. Make sure to leave a comment, and I’ll hope that you will like my other posts ;))

Don’t change to fit fashion, change fashion to fit you.



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