Interior Talk {1} Work to do?

Goodmorning everyone, this is my first Interior talk on my blog. So what is interior talk..? Interior talk is a longer post about different kinds of an interior. Every time I post an Interior talk I will take different kinds of Interior.  Like today’s Interior talk is about different kinds of  Workspaces. and how to make your workspace your own little space. So let’s begin.


The first one is The simple working space. This working space is just a simple one. It’s just a simple little corner in your home or office. Decorated with your own work. If you’re a graphic designer you could hang your own work. Or if you like drawing you could hang your own work. Or if you’re a parent you could hang your children’s work. Then you could make your working space a little bit more your own.


The second one is The open and wide working space. Some people like to look outside while working or gaming or whatever they want to do on their computer. If you’d like to have an Interior like this. Just look for a room or space with a big window and put a desk in front of it. Just put your laptop or computer and everything you’ll need and you’re done.


The Third one is The cute corner, This Working space is just a cute little corner. That people don’t use or just a useless corner. Just put your desk and everything you need in your corner. But I’ll warn you don’t put to much stuff in this corner, like too much paperwork or too much decoration. Because when you do… it will just be a messy corner. ;))


And the last one is the I like plants so I’ll put them everywhere. Some people just like plants and it will make your Working space a little more colorful. But if you can’t stand a rough working space don’t do it. Except if it’s Nike then, Just do it. just kidding. But if you’ll put too many plants it will be chaotic.

This was my first interior talk, so If you’ll like it please leave a Like and comment. And if you want notifications when I’ll post just follow me by email.

The Joy of Dressing is an Art.



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